Inspection Services /

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) (MT)
  • Liquid Penetrant (LPI) (PT)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) (EMI)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Visual and Optical Testing (VT)
  • Eddy Current (EC)

Third Party Consulting NDT Level III

  • company NDT programs
  • Review personnel certification
  • Review revisions to all procedures
  • Recommend and/or write and implement NDT procedures
  • Review personnel files, update and provide training
  • Develop NDT staff
  • Review all training programs
  • Review NDT exams and rewrite
  • Inventory all NDT equipment
  • Re-certify personnel
  • Interface with management to discuss/recommend improvements to the NDT program
  • Audit and review all records
  • Train personnel in any NDT method or technique needed
  • Visit NDT personnel in the field to insure they are meeting client requirements
  • Interface with your clients as needed to discuss and resolve any problems
  • Resolve any internal NDT problems
  • Dispute Arbitration
  • Set up new NDT programs
  • Third party monitoring

Audit & assurance

We also offer level III services! No one knows your tools like you do. So let us help you tailor an inspection program to your tools. We can write all your procedures and keep them updated as the industry standard changes. Many customers put the responsibility of inspection in your hands. Inspection needs to be repeatable. Without a procedure, it's difficult to make sure that your tools are being properly inspected every time. With a detailed procedure in place, the critical areas are always inspected. If a different inspector comes your facility, the inspection should be exactly the same. We can make this a reality!

Audit company NDT programs and make/recommend changes or updatesReview personnel certification programReview and make/recommend revisions to all proceduresReview personnel files, update and provide training if necessaryAudit and review all records to insure that they are being kept upResolve any internal NDT problemsDispute Arbitration

Selecting the proper method and technique

Selecting the right inspection for your tools requires some basic knowledge on the techniques in each Method. Non-destructive testing is divided into various methods, each based on a particular scientific principle. These methods may be further subdivided into various techniques. The various methods and techniques, due to their particular natures, may lend themselves especially well to certain applications and be of little or no value at all in other applications. Therefore choosing the right method and technique is an important part of Non-destructive testing. Use the table below to choose the inspection technique right for your tools.


Essentially we will be your NDT Level III without the cost of a full time Level III, thereby saving you money.

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