Composite‐Check is a modular infrared non‐destructive testing (irNDT) system that uses active thermography for the reliable detection of delaminations, impact damages, “near side” defects, water inclusions, debondings, and other defects in composite materials.

The system achieves precise measurements and is ideal for inspecting composite materials like carbonfiber reinforced plastics (CRP), glassfiber reinforced plastics (GRP), carbonfiber reinforced ceramics (CFRC), glassfiber reinforced aluminum laminate (GLARE), and honeycombs.

Composite‐Check accommodates a wide range of irNDT measurement methods to include: Flash‐Thermography, Lock‐In Thermography, Transient Thermography, and Vibro‐Thermography. It also works with multiple excitation sources and with cooled or uncooled infrared camera systems.


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