Corrosion Testing: Assured Testing Services

Assured Testing Services is capable of many cyclic corrosion exposure tests which simulate specific environmental conditions, including GMW14872 and SAE J2334. These tests are typically comprised of alternating cycles of electrolyte (salt) exposure, a drydown exposure phase, and a humidity exposure phase. The cycle durations, temperatures, and electrolyte compositions are unique to each specification and provide more realistic “real world” simulated conditions than traditional salt spray or humidity exposures.

Salt spray testing is the most commonly used  corrosion exposure testing, despite its limited “real world” correlation due to the constant spray aspect of the test. Salt spray testing (also called “salt fog”) to such standards as ASTM B117 is the most widely administered accelerated corrosion procedure.  It is especially useful in comparing coatings exposed to marine or road salt atmospheres.  Assured Testing Services has multiple salt spray cabinets, some up to 8 feet in length, and can perform auxiliary testing such as scribing (ASTM D1654), gravelometer/chipping resistance (ASTM D3170), and adhesion (ASTM D3359) before or after salt spray exposure.

Coatings and platings vary in their resistance to moisture, condensation, and humidity.  Humidity tests such as ASTM D2247 and ASTM D1735 can help to determine the relative moisture resistance of a coating or plating. 

Assured Testing Services has equipment which can perform these exposures while providing auxiliary evaluations such as gloss, color retention, adhesion, blister resistance, and hardness. Humidity testing is similar to salt fog exposure, though it omits the electrolytic component of the solution. 

Acid rain and acidic industrial pollutants are corrosive and can degrade coatings and platings. Preliminary testing to assess the potential damage to a coated surface in such an acidic environment can help to prevent significant loss before the coating is placed in the field of use. Assured Testing Services has multiple Kesternich chambers to simulate these conditions to compare various coatings to Sulfur dioxide exposure such as ASTM G87.

Assured Testing Services is capable of specialized corrosion testing which simulates very specific conditions, such as formation of filiform corrosion. Additional types of specialized tests include testing designed for specific platings, such as ASTM B368 (CASS) testing on chrome plating, and Acetic Acid exposure (ASS) and sea water exposure (SWAAT), annexes 1 and 3 of ASTM G-85, respectively. Assured regularly runs these various tests and can accommodate your samples quickly. 


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