Pure Technologies PipeDiver Condition Assessment Platform​


Pipe wall condition data collected by the PipeDiver® platform empowers utilities to make rehabilitation and management decisions on a pipe-by-pipe basis.

The PipeDiver platform provides powerful insights to help pipeline owners avoid unnecessary asset replacement and prioritize short- and long-term investments for the pipes that need it most. With information on pipe wall condition, utilities can proactively manage their assets with greater confidence, reducing the risk of dangerous and expensive failures and unplanned operational expenses.

PipeDiver is a best-in-class solution that leverages over a decade of experience to simplify and streamline pipeline inspections. The tool identifies and locates pipe wall defects, including:  

  • Localized wall loss in steel and ductile iron pipe
  • Broken wire wraps in prestressed concrete cylinder pipe
  • Broken bar wraps and cylinder wall loss in bar-wrapped pipe   


The PipeDiver platform is ideal for inspecting critical pipelines that cannot be removed from service.

The PipeDiver platform provides pipeline owners with the best combination of data quality, location accuracy and ease of deployment. The ability to navigate in-line valves as well as sharp bends and tees enables this platform to inspect pipelines with little to no disruption in service. The PipeDiver platform can inspect concrete and metallic pressure pipelines 16 inches (400 mm) in diameter and up. The tool is launched and extracted through existing appurtenances, reducing the civil work required prior to an inspection.

Deployed for utilities around the world for over 10 years, Xylem has collected more than 1,850 miles (3,000 km) of pipeline inspection data using PipeDiver technology. This operational experience ensures quality project management and professional inspection delivery.


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