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Industrial X-ray Machines What are the Applications of Industrial X-Ray?   – X-ray in Fuse Inspection     X-ray instrument is used to measure the interior structure and linear distances accurately Verify the probability of open circuits, short circuits, defects, or inappropriate connections in linking circuits of multiple types. Determine fuses, insulation layer, faulty assemblies,…

Industrial X-ray Machines

What are the Applications of Industrial X-Ray?


– X-ray in Fuse Inspection

X-ray image



  • X-ray instrument is used to measure the interior structure and linear distances accurately
  • Verify the probability of open circuits, short circuits, defects, or inappropriate connections in linking circuits of multiple types.
  • Determine fuses, insulation layer, faulty assemblies, broken cables, etc.
  • Examine the flaws such as bursts, holes, voids, layer peel, misalignment (twist and fitting) in the stacked wire, and integrity testing of wire.
  • Analysis of the failed fuses
  • X-ray examination at every phase can predict the probability of any short circuit 


– X-ray in Car Tires Inspection


X-ray image for tire


The wheel should be of good quality since it is a significant part of a car. Hence, a strict quality inspection should be followed during its production series. In case the wheel fails in terms of quality, there may be a chance of accidents.

Hence, an X-ray inspection test should be integrated directly into the manufacturing step to inspect the internal portion of every car tire. This X-ray inspection helps in detecting foreign objects, pores, slags, missing wires in the belt plies, cracks, air inclusions, looseness, and shifts in the reinforcement plies within these automobiles in an accurate manner. Even the anomalies including position, spacing, and damage in steel wires can also be determined. 


– X-ray in Lithium Battery Inspection

Lithium battery is widely used in household appliances, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, aviation, military, as well as other sectors. Since lithium battery emits more heat, it is wrapped by a stainless-steel sheet with the right thickness to avoid any leakage or prevent any harm. The more the battery use, the more will be its probability of failure. A small imperfection can also turn out to be life-threatening. Therefore, you follow strict quality control standards to make sure of its safety. 

A high-resolution inspection of X-ray Li-battery equipment can assess the quality of any complete battery cells and verify if the welding inside the battery is proper or not. If the rolls are aligned well, the winding will not have a short-circuit and explosion. 

Furthermore, the X-ray system can inspect the following aspects such as:

  • Examine if the lithium battery is completely functional
  • Assess the quality of the stainless-steel weld used to wrap the battery.
  • Identify the sign of holes, voids, or misalignment in the stacked parts
  • Detects insulation layer, fuses, welds, faulty assemblies, broken cables, etc.
  • Measures the missing material, overhangs, and foreign material inclusions
  • Determine the presence of nick as well as its length, fitting, and twist.
  • Measures the internal structure, linear distances, as well as alignments precisely


– X-ray in Ceramic Knives Inspection


Ceramic knives are precious, elegant, and made up of hi-tech nano zirconium oxide. The combination of zirconia with alumina powder can be pressed with high pressure of 300 tons into a blank, sintered at 2000 degrees Celsius, followed by polishing with a diamond to prepare a ceramic knife with fine finishing. It is ten times sharper when compared with the steel blade. Ceramic knife has the features of anti-oxidation, anti-magnetization, increased density, hardness, as well as temperature resistance, etc. 

In case the combination of the zirconia is inappropriate with alumina powder, the texture may become very fragile with the probability of defects like voids and inclusions. These defects can reduce the stiffness of the overall zirconia- alumina composition followed by the reduction in thermal conductivity followed by the formation of cracks. This is where an X-ray device can determine volumetric information, including dimensions, density variations, voids, and inclusions, within the ceramic knife by scanning its internal and external structures from multiple angles.

It is of great significance to carry out the x-ray inspection on the ceramic knives to ascertain the product safety before entering the market.


– X-ray Machine for Electronics 


PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is the major component used during the manufacture of electronic products. Surface mount technology (SMT) helps in making the packages smaller. The attributes like high density, less size, with intense PCB complexity have made it impossible to detect defects visually. So, it is a necessity use a machine do an x ray inspection or electronics, ensuring the quality of PCB.

Here is the list of features assessed by the X-ray instrument:

  • X-ray equipment can inspect the IC package faults including bursts, cracks, layer peel, voids, and integrity testing.
  • Faults in the printed circuit board process, including open circuits, poor alignment, short circuits, bridging, or improper connections in various circuits.
  • Integrity testing of solder balls in cladding chip and solder array packages.
  • Figure out and measure chip size, voids, marking and wire arc, and tin component area ratio.             
  • Electrical and electronic components for broken wedge bonds die-attach, lifted ball bonds, and wire sweep
  • Check populated and unpopulated PCBs, CSPs, and BGAs (ball grid arrays)
  • A detailed study of vias through multi-layer alignment and hole plating

If you want to get a clearer and sharper image of the inspection result, the updated and advanced AX8400P is your best choice. It is affordable and user-friendly, with smart design and efficient software.


– X-ray Equipment for Automobile


All the materials used in automobiles are made up of metals like cast aluminum, cast steel, etc. The quality of these castings has a direct effect on the safety and service life of the cars. Every workpiece used in the car including the car’s engine, connecting rods, brake braking system, pistons, piston rings, steering wheel, shock absorber rods, car wheels, and other parts should have no defects like a bubble or crack formation. Hence, x-ray on automotive is a significant step to make sure the quality and operation of all car parts. 


– X-ray Equipment for Security



Hijacks are quite common and hence, airport security plays a vital role. That’s where security doors and security machines are used predominantly to protect people’s lives. 

X-rays are integrated into security doors and handheld machines where they can pass through wood, fabric, ceramic, metal, glass, liquid, and many others. After passing through them, these rays hit the circuit board below the conveyor belt in order to develop a radiation signal, when then converts into a computer image. Various materials have varied X-ray penetration degrees followed by the difference in the image color. Dangerous objects like knives, dagger, and guns are displayed as dark blue or black. Lighters or other explosive items appear blue in color with the middle part in green color.

In the case of walk-through security doors, there will be an alarm sound in case you carry a knife, explosive, or any other prohibited items. Therefore, hi-tech security X-ray machine saves time and manpower by identifying the threats quickly and effectively.


– X-ray Equipment for Welding



Welds should also be smooth, tidy, and rust-free. However, fatigue, stress, or excess pressure can weaken any weld over time. Hence, there will be varied flaws in the structure of the weld such as cracks, porosity, slag inclusion, cold lap, incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration, mismatch, cracks, or external/internal undercut. The welding x-ray inspection on braided hose is especially essential for the  ascertain the quality to avoid the failure. This is where X-ray equipment on welding can determine these flaws quickly and effectively. As a result, the outcomes are stored as a permanent record.

Industrial X-ray Machines

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